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I will answer any questions about MDR, church history, approved worship, church organization, baptism or any other Bible question relating to Christian living or worship.

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I have studied these Bible subjects with many other men in the pulpits and with long hours of personal study. Most of the men I studied with are of the older schools of preachers. And my answers tend more to be from Bible scripture rather than Bible schools.


I do not belong to any earthly organizations. I am a member of the Body of the Lord, Jesus Christ. I am a Christian only.


As everyone, I believe the truth is to be found in the Bible and not in a man made institution. A mans ability to teach the God's truth does not belong exclusively to man's institutions of higher learning.

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Recent Answers from Dale Ferguson

2016-12-13 romans 7 1-4:

Thanks Gary for your question, I hope I can help answer some of your concerns. My thoughts on Romans 7:1-4 are simple and I am sure will part ways with many of my church of Christ preachers and brothers

2015-10-16 Divorce:

Anna, I am sorry to hear about your problems. And I agree it is heartbreaking. I too have been through divorce and know the terrible effects of a broken marriage and children who suffer and are also heartbroken

2015-10-16 strong's concordance:

I would say that is a very good way the view the Strong's Concordance. But another way is to look up a word you are wondering about. Let's say that you know of a verse that has the word your interested

2015-07-27 nkjv:

Hi Garry, I believe the word Jesus used in Matt. and Mk. means "put away" simply (put away as in to set aside or to separate from your spouse, not divorce). The Greek word is (Apoluo) you can find this

2015-07-21 matthew 5:32:

Hi Gary, thanks for the question. To answer your question I have to correct what you say, Jesus said. First, Jesus did not say, "whosoever shall marry her that is DIVORCED committeth adultery." Jesus said


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