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Mario Depeine, Sr.


I can answer questions about the Bible and its relevance to Christianity today. I can answer questions related to how to live a Christian life, applying the scriptures to circumstances, parallels between the Old and New Testament, questions about the life of Christ, following (disciple) Christ, what it means to surrender to God's word, what is Lordship and many related questions. I can help you match scriptures that can help you with what you are going through today. I can answer questions about the role of the church, in general, the role of the Bible and the heart that God wants leaders of His church to have while leading His people. I can answer questions about the relevance of a physical temple as a place for worship. I cannot answer questions about the Jewish language, Greek or Aramaic.

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I have been a student of the Bible for over 25 years. I read the Bible every day. I totally believe that it is God's word. I have been living as a follower of Christ and the Bible, as a Christian, for over 25 years. I have been a full time minister for almost four years. I teach the Bible regularly to others. I have done extensive studies on various topics and characters of the Bible.


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Barnes and Noble and Amazon: Immanuel's Bride and the Holy Spirit: Building a Whole New World, Helium, Yahoo Contributor Network and DepeineMediaWorks


I have a BA in Psychology (Princeton University). I have attended various seminars on the Bible and related topics.

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