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Dirk McCoy

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Can: Strategic planning, Negotiating strategy and tactics, Valuation, Funding, Integration Can't: Legal specifics

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As President of a couple manufacturing companies I have negotiated numerous acquisitions and strategic agreements, in US and China.


MBA, Northwestern University BS Engineering, University of Illinois

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Illinois Manufacturing Association Team Excellence Quality Awards- Judge

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2012-07-03 buying out a partner:

One option is to have the business appraised, and then buy him out at half that value. There are online appraisal services, cost around $400. Most will look at similar businesses as well as restated profits

2012-03-07 Franchise:

Hello Claude,    Take a look at the franchise requirements- is it $60K total, including working capital, or is that just the equity required?  If total, then you can take on some debt to come up with this

2011-12-02 Mergers and Acquisitions:

Thanks for sharing.  There's no requirement that companies adopt the names of the predecessor companies- they are always free to change the name of the company.  But many companies will adopt some of the

2011-08-14 responsible leadership:

Sorry for the delay in answering, I just noticed this question.    There are a few perspectives on your question.  First, laws, customs, and values can vary by locale.  What might be generally accepted

2011-06-14 Buy Out:

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan allows owners to get a fair price for ownership in the company while giving employees ownership, and is given preferential tax treatment by the US government.  In return


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