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Huma Riaz

Saudi Arabia

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Graphics Artist, having multiple expertise but Photoshop is on top of everything, I have been using Photoshop since 1995 so you can ask me about anything in general or specific, i.e. printing, file conversion, desktop publishing, but please keep in mind that sometimes an expert cannot be perfect. so ask me now!

Experience in the area

I worked from graphics designer to creative manager, and have the idea of the image editing quite well, also the basics of the software and pros and cons.


AlphaGraphics yEvolve Wavetec Western Voice Sales Solutions


Bachelors in Arts Commercial Artist Diploma

What do you like about this subject?

I like this software very much because of its flexibility.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to paint, just as with brush and colors, I know photoshop is a perfect tool for that but maybe I need more skills to achieve

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Jason01/18/10Thanks for the response, but it took .....

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2011-03-10 Custom path in FreeHand 11:

there is an option in freehand to choose the style of the line, first draw your line where you want it to be, and then choose the Window > stroke stroke menu, choose stroke style, thickness and also the

2010-02-24 editing a freehand picture:

its not possible in freehand, although if it is a picture you can open it in Photoshop, and edit with the finding the right alphabet (i.e. find B in the existing text and copy paste it to make a new word

2009-10-16 Saving PDF:

Make it separate, each color for each file. I think this could be the only way you can get spot color in another program from freehand. manipulate them (and color them individually) once you import them

2009-10-03 converting freehand files to MX:

you can try one thing.     check the previous file extensions and change then to fh11 or whatever the software uses now.       Hope this will help, otherwise ... I think you will need to copy and paste

2009-05-27 Freehand 9 text glitch:

Sorry for being late jim,    I am also facing the same problem but it is somehow rarely happens to me. what I have concluded from this is either a memory problem which makes freehand to render the font


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