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I can answer any construction related question in regards to carpentry, concrete, drywall, masonry, structural elements of any type of building, residential or commercial. Interior or exterior.

Experience in the area

Custom Commercial and residential buildings. Churches, theaters, schools and auditoriums. Most recently I am working with the Catholic Church on several design build committees. I have a website related to scheduling and project supervision. Although my expertise is more related to multimillion dollar commercial, educational and theatrical projects my generous credentials in residential and remodelling construction make me a viable source of information regarding all forms of building questions.

What do you like about this subject?

Building has been my life from the time my father bought me my first Erector Set and had me mixing concrete for his additions and projects at age 8. I get to live a childs dream world fantasy of bulldozers , cranes, big trucks, in real life! And make a good living at it. How great is that?

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

This is an everchanging landscape of technology and advancement which requires constant attention to new techniques and materials as they come on the market. However, fundemental procedures and practices that date back centuries are still at the core of the building industry. So drawing on knowledge from the past is also essential.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Building is the art of taking a two dimensional drawing and transforming it into three dimensional reality. By envisioning a building through multi dimensional eyes, conflicts and problems can be kept to a minimum.

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Hi Tiffany, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  I have company visiting.   Anyhow, not sure what you mean by " tuck under garage" but it sounds like you want the garage to take up the basement

2017-01-29 Outdoor Panels:

Hi Tom, as long as the frp panel is rated for exterior use.  As far as attaching to your aluminum framing goes, stainless or aluminum self tapping screws 3/4"-1" should work fine 8-12" apart.  Home Depot

2017-01-28 insulation:

Hi Mag, from the looks of your photo it seems that it would be possible to install 5.5" fiberglass insulation between the ceiling joists and then drywall over them.  Another option is foam.  There are

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Hi David! ZInctox or Coppertox used to be the norm for below ground preservatives. Basically anything with zinc or copper in it..copper preservatives turn the wood green,  zinc preservatives are clear

2016-11-03 not sure if new water softner works well:

Hi Gabe, depending  on the type of water softener you have there may be an adjustment as to how soft you want your water to be.  Also, it may take a few days to see any change in your water softness if


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