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Questions on UK construction from Setting out Projects through to completion. Mainly concreting ,drainage ,bricklaying, masonry,carpentry and decorating,plaster work ,render/roughcasting.From new build construction to historical restoration, renovation. How to set out ,levelling and survey matters.

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Timeserved bricklayer , developing to Construction Site Manager and Educated to Site Engineer. Having been in the Industry for 35 years carrying out all types of general construction . renovation and historical renovation and remedial works.Now mainly on luxury dwellings to the value of 2M. Having been self employed and advising main Contractors and Developers through Construction phases and managing the works from concept to completion.Having a broad spectrum of experience.


Scottish Apprenticeship in the crat of bricklaying. Scottish Construction Industry Site Managers Site Civil Engineering Construction and Surveying Set out. Scottish Civil Engineering Analysis of Concrete and Mortar Asbestos encountering. Scaffolding Inspectors Certification Planning, Programming and Management

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Recent Answers from Bill-C

2014-05-31 Concrete driveway over existing paving bricks?:

Bud,    What you have described would alert me to believe the paving substrate was not prepared or compacted properly before the paving was laid.  You could concrete over if the increased height does not

2014-05-12 Tool for smoothing plaster:

Hi  Use a mastic trowel .As called in the UK  They come in various sizes and are similar to a small flat knife.  You van then use decorators caulk to finish once the plaster has dried.  Apply enough to

2014-03-16 Natural stone flagstones:

Claire,    Your flagstone paving should not move. If it is moving after only three weeks then there is a potential for it to get worse.  Laying stone flags on a dry mix is not reccomended as you rely on

2011-10-20 Removing external bricks from a wall that is now internal:

Andrew,    Your description is vaque and I would need more information and photos (    If its the joint between new and exisitng you are likely to get differential movement , shrinkage

2011-07-07 Sealing a concrete tile roof:

Angus    If your tiles are in good condition then leave them.  You may ask why, well if you seal them they wont breath as they are meant to and sealant will hold in any airborn impurities that has accumulated


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