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Stephen Major (Owner--Major Design Group)

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returns 04/12/2017

I can answer any questions regarding the design and construction of homes and additions. This includes trade-specific questions (how-to) in all major building trades: framing, foundations, site prep, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, water treatment, interior finishing, trim & cabinetwork, exterior finishing, roofing, siding. PLEASE indicate your state or region, so I can provide the best possible answer. PLEASE provide photos whenever possible.

Experience in the area

30 years experience in building design and construction, all hands-on, including the construction of dozens of single-family homes and hundreds of remodeling projects in the northeastern US.


Author: "Architectural Woodwork - Details for Construction" published by Van Nostrand Reinhold (now Wiley).


BS Cornell University.

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Recent Answers from Stephen Major (Owner--Major Design Group)

2016-03-23 Insulation:

Anthony,    I would deepen the rafters by attaching 1-1/2" x 2" buildouts along each one, to give you adequate depth for insulation and ventilation.  See attached sketch.    You can use closed cell foam

2016-01-06 Cracks in subfloor/upstairs condo laminate install:

Celia,    I'm not sure if you are able to answer this, but do you have any idea what the structure of the subfloor is?  Is it lightweight concrete over wood framing?   Is it a self-supporting concrete

2016-01-03 Insulation between old wall and addition:

Lisa,    If there is an un-insulated gap between the walls and it is in contact with an outside wall and/or roof surface, then it should be insulated at its exterior perimeter (see attached sketch). The

2015-12-11 condensate drain:

John,    Unless there is language in your deed that makes the crawl space part of common property (as a shared driveway or shared lawn might), then yes, you would need to grant permission for anyone to

2015-12-06 cold air return:

Kirby,    I assume that the basement ceiling is uninsulated, so heat from the stove can warm the floor above.      Yes, you could install a return air duct that is designed to draw heat from the basement


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