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BASE SAS, SAS Macros, SAS Automation, SAS STAT, ANALYTICS PACKAGE, DDE, X-Commands, System Functions etc.

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I have been using SAS for more than 7 years.


MarketRx, Global Analytics, Morgan Stanley, HSBC


Masters in Applied Statistics and Informatics from IIT Bombay. Hons. in Statistics

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Carol07/25/16101010Yes. Thank you!
Carol07/07/16101010Ariful, Thank you for your time and .....

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2016-09-30 Do Loop:

Hi,  You have list the folder names in a text file using "X" and "dir" command on windows or "ls" ,command in unix environment. Then read the file in a data step and store the folder names into a macro

2016-09-22 Do Loop:

Hi Carol,    I am sorry for the delay in replying. From your question it is not clear what is exactly you are trying to achieve...can you please elaborate.    What are these "2016-09-01" , "2016-10-01"

2016-07-21 SAS (convert date to a number):

Dear Carol,    I am sorry, could not reply earlier than today. I think you are looking for something like this    %let today = %sysfunc( TODAY());  %let Mymonth = %sysfunc(month(&today));    %put mymonth

2015-01-08 How to combine data in SAS:

Dear Odko,  Thank you for posting me the question. Wish you a very happy new year!    You could write code like this    Proc Sql;  Select year, sum(death_number) as death_number   From YourData   Group

2012-08-21 PROC GPLOT axis orientation:

Dear Meagan,  Please refer below links


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