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I can speak to the age, design, style, region, history, and value of antique quilts.

Experience in the area

Forty years as an appraiser, dealer, historian, collector, consultant and museum curator in the area of QUILTS MADE BEFORE 1950.


American Quilt Study Group (former Board Member); Alliance for the American Quilt (Former Board Member)


Author or co-author of several award winning books on Quilt History; numerous articles on quilt history published over a 30 year period. Details upon request.


B.A., American History, University of Michigan; Post Graduate courses in folklore, history and art history

Past/Present Clients

Esprit de Corp., San Francisco; Levi Strauss, San Francisco; Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI; Oregon Historical Society, Portland, OR

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Susie hopper06/22/16101010Thank you!
Kim01/08/15101010Thank you, Julie, for your quick, detailed .....
donna02/22/141010Very professional
Leslie02/20/14101010Awesome and quick!

Recent Answers from Julie Silber

2017-03-04 value of crazy quilt:

Hi,    Thanks for contacting me on this.  I can likely help -- if I see photos.  I would need to see the whole quilt and then   any "telling" details.  Condition is very critical on these quilts re:value

2016-06-22 Julie, what would you value this quilt? How old is it?:

Hi again,    I looked in the directory for an organization I belong to -- to see if I knew anyone near you who could help.     I'm sorry -- I don't recognize any of the MN folks.    Good luck with your

2016-06-22 Julie, what would you value this quilt? How old is it?:

Hi again,    Hard to estimate the date -- but from what i can see, it looks    like circa 1900.  Maybe 1910.    I can not guess what your quilt is worth without seeing it.  There   are so many variables

2016-06-21 I have never seen this 7 point star w/blank:

Hi Susie,      OKAY, so I looked it up in Barbara Brackman's "Encyclopedia of Pieced Patterns," a trusted resource.  It is Brackman # 3801, and has several names:  Stars and Cubes, Heavenly stars, Captive

2015-01-07 Antique Quilt:

Hi Kim,    Thanks for contacting me on this.    It's a little hard to tell much about the quilt from the one   small photo -- though you did a very good job of using words   to describe it.    In the photo


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