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Stephen Ashley


As the author of Walt Disney World with Disabilities, I can answer most questions related to the parks and resorts at Walt Disney World. I can share in-depth information related to managing at Disney with health conditions, special needs, disabilities and handicaps.

Experience in the area

I am the author of the guide book called Walt Disney World with Disabilities.


Our book is available through many websites such as, Barnes & Nobel, etc. It's also available around the world through many international sites.


I have over 20 years of experience as a frequent visitor to Disney. My wife and I have learned to thrive there while dealing with health conditions. I also did extensive research into how to manage well at Disney with a wide variety of health conditions that we don't personally deal with.

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2015-08-22 Que lines with a scooter:

Hi Becky,     I'm told that they're at least 36 inches.     The person I consulted wrote this: "My daughter's wheelchair is 48 inches long from the top of her toes to the back of her backpack. It is manual

2013-03-14 Mobile Disabilities:

Hi Linda,    First I must say that I'm not a part of the Disney company, or Walt Disney World. I'm a guide book writer and author of Walt Disney World with Disabilities.     Disney World does not give

2012-10-24 Diapers on Older Kids:

Hi Bill,    Our experience totally goes against this. We have rarely experienced much of a wait if any for a bathroom. During peak crowd times there may be some wait for a small number of restrooms, but

2012-01-26 Rides and motion sickness:

Hi Christine,    Motion sickness is an odd thing. A ride that bothers some people may be fine for others. It's hard to tell, but I'd suggest you stay away from any of the simulation rides such as Mission

2011-08-05 handicap rooms:

Hi Charlie,    All of the resorts have handicapped rooms. They're scattered around each resort.     You'll want to tell the Disney reservation agent about your specific needs and they'll help you.    Let


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