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I can answer questions about prayer, Heaven and Hell, becoming a true believer (born again) and how to know if you are truly saved. As a Christian, it is my duty to help spread the Gospel. I can take a look at Bible verses if you like. It is in my best interest to eliminate any and all confusion about the Bible, so please do not hesitate to ask me whatever you like.

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Reading and studying the Bible.


The Holy Spirit is the teacher. God teaches us what He wants us to know (John 14:26).

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2014-11-06 Prayers:

Hello, Kari.    Prayers, in of themselves, have no power. What has the power is God. That said, it matters not whether we pray aloud or in our heads---God is omniscient, and He hears (and knows) everything

2013-08-14 Questions about praying:

Hello, Kari.    God the Father and God the Son are one. God the Holy Spirit is one with the Father and Son. Yet, they are three distinct Persons. This is a divine mystery which the human mind cannot comprehend

2013-08-09 Questions about praying:

Hello, Kari.    Our prayers, in of themselves, have no power. It is God Who has the power, and He chooses to do whatever He wishes with it.    1) The Bible gives us an understanding of how we are to pray

2012-08-28 Creation:

Hello, Jay.    Yes, the Bible certainly teaches that Christ died only for the elect, and not for every last person who would live on earth.    We have to read the Bible carefully, though, comparing Scriptures

2012-04-20 Ancestors:

Hello, Noloyiso.    I am sorry for taking so long to respond.    It depends on what sort of ceremony you'd like to take part in, but any ceremony or ritual in which you attempt to contact a deceased family


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