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Why pray? How should we pray? For what? How often? How long? To whom? Why doesn't God answer my prayers? If I have never prayed, how do I start? I sometimes feel like my prayers go no higher than the ceiling, what am I doing wrong? Why, how, or when, should I pray for others? Can I ever decline, or refuse to pray for others? Public versus private prayers. What are the different kinds of prayers? Should I pray for my enemies? Do I have to address the Father and Christ using Hebrew names? Attitude during prayer. Is it wrong to yell at God? How to be "instant" in prayer. Understanding "the Lord's prayer". Do head coverings, posture and positions matter? Does God hear better inside a church building? Should I use "thee, thou, thine" or other English words from the 17th century? Should I ask for signs? Can I set deadlines or make demands of God? How can I understand the difference between answered prayer and 'time and chance'? Should I assume that whatever happens to me is "God's will" for me? Being careful what you ask for. Reasons why God does not answer some prayers. Combining prayer with study and meditation. How to have actual conversations with God the Father and with Jesus Christ. God offers the answers in his Word. Our goal is to help you find the truth for yourself, to help you "work out your own salvation" (Phil. 2:12). Please do not submit homework questions. They will be declined.

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Over 50 years of independent study and over 20 years experience in working with teens, young adults and singles groups. Over two years experience with a prison ministry. Author of three books with two more in development. Published scores of articles regarding Bible studies and Christian Living. Online ministry for over 13 years. We have been answering questions in AllExperts' Bible Studies Category since Feb. 2001. We have also been answering questions in Christian Living, Church History and Non-Denominational.


While we have each, previously attended various denominational and non-denominational organizations, including house churches, we are not affiliated with any denominational organization.


B.A. in Theology with emphasis on Church history and comparative theology. Over 40 years of independent, post-grad study and research at Baylor, Univ. of Houston, Rice, Texas A&M College Station, Univ. of Texas Austin.

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