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Reverend Ramona Carlene Stonecipher


Hi! I am an ordained United Methodist Minister. I have served the Lord for some thirty years. I am a Bible Scholar, and have taught the Scriptures all of these years. I believe in prayer. I believe, and know by experience, that God answers prayers. I can help you understand what the Bible teaches about prayer, and guide you in how to have a more prayerful lifestyle. I can't tell you why God chooses to answer your prayers the way He does, but I can, through Scripture, show you that He does hear, and He does respond to His children.

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Ordained Minister; Bible Scholar; Teacher; Leader of Prayer Groups; Counselor


Graduate with Master's Degree in Divinity (Saint Paul School of Theology)Kansas City, Missouri. Graduate: University of Nebraska

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Autumn05/04/15101010Thank you Rev. Ramona.
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Recent Answers from Reverend Ramona Carlene Stonecipher

2016-05-26 Jesus and the Crucifixion:

Hi Lisa! So good to hear from you again! It was ok that you had to vent - we all do at times.😇  I'll try and answer your questions, some more deeply than others.  You see, we usually answer only

2016-04-09 Jesus and the Crucifixion:

Hi Lisa, thanks for writing.  Please dwell on these holy words. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."   "All......." I'm sure you are a good person, but you and I fall in that category

2015-04-03 No Husband/No Family (pray):

Priscilla, my apologies for not getting back to you. My iPad hasn't been working right and only this morning did I see that I had emails to answer.  I pray you did not take offense when you didn't hear

2015-04-02 No Husband/No Family (pray):

Hi Priscilla,  Thank you for writing. Obviously, I can't begin to solve your life's problems with so little information.  You are young to be throwing in the towel on life already.  Many go to church all

2014-11-06 Praying:

Yes Kari, God hears your silent prayers, and they are as powerful as the others spoken. God says 'I am with you  always....." He says "My children know my voice and I know theirs." He tells us he knows


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