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Rev. T. H. Eslam


I am willing and able to answer any question whatsoever on any religious or moral topic, but only if such queries are submitted in a respectful and submissive manner. I am a teacher, not an arguer.

Experience in the area

I have been a minister of religion since 1990 (at least in this present incarnation ;-)


I belong to God's Army.


"A Final Instruction Sheet for Humanity" and "Social Etiquette".


I have studied religion with the Creator of the Universe.

Awards and Honors

I am honoured to be Lord Jesus Christ's Personal Representative in Australasia.

Past/Present Clients

A priest teaches mainly by his example, so anyone who comes into contact with me is my 'client' to some extent ;-)

What do you like about this subject?

I like the fact that persons who consider themselves as religious teachers can approach other such teachers for guidance. Not all spiritual leaders are equal, not at all!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to assist persons who are sincerely searching for the Absolute Truth to find it (or should I say Him).

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Not all ministers of religion are fully-enlightened saints. One should search out such a saint for perfect guidance and understanding.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Provocative? I can certainly be that! Like all true spiritual masters, I do not teach women outside my family circle, so I suggest women direct enquires to their own master: their father if they are a maiden, their husband if married or if a widow, their eldest son. Most so-called "priests/pastors/ministers/etc" are either total demons or ignorant donkeys.

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2016-11-18 church financial concern:

Dear "Pastor",  Peace!    You claim to be some kind of religious leader, yet it seems you cannot distinguish between the ONE and ONLY law of God and a man-made rule.    I suggest you find a spiritual master

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Dear Sir,  Peace!  Thanks for your question.  You mentioned that you have a mission from God.  Therefore, I suggest you ask God to inspire a name for your ministry, or do you doubt that God will answer

2011-08-22 spiritual gifts:

Dear Madam,  Peace!  Thank you for your question, despite its irrelevance to this particular category (Tips for Ministers). I apologize for the late response as I am currently in the process of migrating

2011-03-28 minister sexual misconduct:

Dear Sir,  Peace!  Adulterers deserve to be put to death for their heinous crime.  Confess your sin to your wife and to your master.    If you don't have the spiritual strength to commit suicide then at

2011-02-02 Is the God of the Bible an Imposter?:

Dear Mr. Wilbur,  Peace!  Thanks for your question but it seems you would rather try to teach us priests than learn from us. If I am mistaken, then I invite you to carefully consider the following teachings


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