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I can answer any question as about Bible doctrine and have 20+ years experience from which to draw some practical advise for those who are also in the ministry.

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I have been in the ministry for over 20 years. During that time I served as youth pastor, assistant pastor, counselor, church planter, and senior pastor. Currently I serve as senior pastr of a Baptist Church in New England.


Revival Baptist Chronicles
The Fundamental Baptist Voice


BS in Bible from Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA

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Deborah02/15/09101010Pastor Don, T/Y so much answered .....
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john12/28/06101010Thank you Pastor Don, and God Bless

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2012-05-21 Hope / Faith:

Hello,    Thanks for this great question.  The best that I can tell, faith is simply taking God at His word.... believing.  Hope is the confident assurance that the faith we have will one day be fulfilled

2011-12-05 ministry name and tagline:

Hi Tom,    Thank you for this very interesting question.  I may suggest one or two, but I think that this is something very personal.  You should get before God and find out what He lays on your heart

2010-12-24 Homosexuality:

Hi Candace,    Thank you for this great question.  I am so very sorry that my response is so late!  Let me start by being very clear, homosexuality is wrong.  It is a sin and it is a choice.  God hates

2010-05-09 Bible tests of a prophet:

Hi Georgia,    Thank you for this great question.  There are several things we can consider in testing a prophet.    1.  Does the prophet have 100% accuracy.  If they do not, they are not of God.    Deuteronomy

2010-01-25 Party coming up:

Hi Claudia,    Thank you for this question.  If this party centers around smoking pot and drinking, you are absolutely right to avoid it and tell your husband not to go too.  If this party is all about


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