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I can give convincing answers to questions related to the problems that mostly today's youth is facing in the light of holy scriptures.I have much experience in dealing with youth and I will try my best to help them. Do pose your questions without any hesitation to me and give me a try.

Experience in the area

Sound knowledge of religious scriptures and dealing with youngsters and trying to help them to my best in the light of my knowledge of psychology and experience.


I have passed my college and planning for further studies.

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Elizabeth05/25/10101010Thanks. :)
Ursula05/19/1010Thanks for your help!
Elizabeth04/25/101010Thanks. :)
Mariah01/21/10101010Thank You for the insight.
Arslan01/04/10101010JAZAKALLAH! Your answer was superb.

Recent Answers from Ayesha

2010-05-22 Not excited about Jesus' Return?:

Greetings Elizabeth,    thank you so much for reaching out to me with you question.    Every scripture of God reminds us about the hereafter and the torment which the criminals had to suffer from.    THerefore

2010-05-18 Way out:

Dear Ephraim,    Thank for the question. Extra-marital relations must not be kept as they may lead to wrong deeds and sins. So, withdraw yourself from the relationship. Secondly, get married if you feel

2010-05-18 Judging and Relationships:

Dear Ursula,    Company Matters alot... God makes us source to guide someone but the guidance rest in His hand. you can't guide anybody yourself. If you will be in good company, that will help you coming

2010-05-15 Judging:

Dear Ursula,    Thank you so very much for reaching out to me with your question. However, God has sent messengers to preach what is good and what is wrong, Now truth has reached. Your job is tell the

2010-04-25 How do I get over my fear of going to hell and of Christ's second coming?:

Dear Elizabeth,    Jesus will come, but the time is not told.. ime is just predicted which may not be true. God always forgives and so He bless His creations with His enormous blessings. One must not be


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