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I can answer any question pertaining to youths and Christianity. Many youths question and struggle with many issues while being torn over biblical issues. Their conscience becomes trouble with many spiritual obstacles. Hopefully I will be able to apply biblical counsel to your situation and come to a positive outcome.

Experience in the area

I have been a Christian Minister for close to thirty years and within that time period I was a court appointed special advocate for children and teenagers. I represented the child in thier best interest and would not allow them to be railroaded by the system. I waa also a Juvenile Probation Officer for over ten years and a police officer close to ten years. I have taught as well as trained the public and officers with individuals who were a high risk to the community.


I belong to many organizations involving criminal profiling, investigation and have investigated many cases.


I have published many papers and reports dealing my area of expertise. You can Google them.


I have a Masters in Criminal Forensic Psychology including a minor in abnormal psychology. I have many years of experential experience and have dealt with major and minor issues with children and teenagers.

Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors are irrevalent when a child or a teenager gets the help they needed to achieve a life that is socially reponsible.

Past/Present Clients

My past and current clients would like to remain anonymous and therefore respect thier privacy.

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