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I have studied the Early Church and the writings of the Church Fathers extensively. Studying the Biblical mandates for believers throughout the Holy Scriptures as well as those practices that are not biblical began as a hobby for me years ago, but has since become my passion. I feel adequate to be able to answer questions related to the origin of many, if not most of the practices of Evangelicalism. I may not be able to answer specific questions that are related to Denominational practices, as my experience in Denominational settings is limited.

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I have taught Church History and courses relating to the origins and practices of traditional Christianity for several years in Bible Colleges. I have researched and produced numerous teachings on those topics for radio and internet nationally. I continue to research, teach and record resources relevant to Biblical Christianity, Messianic Judaism and the necessity for Biblical consistency on a weekly basis.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies.

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