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We can help with any questions about the history of God's working with mankind from Creation to the Apostles, most questions about the period from the Apostles to "modern Christianity" (90 to 325 AD) and most questions about the confusion within "world Christianity" from 325 AD to the present 33,830 documented denominations. We can discuss major doctrinal differences and their origins but we will not engage in debates over doctrines. We try to avoid trivia unless it had a non-trivial effect or is just really interesting, IOHO. Please do not submit homework questions.

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Over 50 years of independent study and over 20 years experience in working with teens, young adults and singles groups. Over two years experience with a prison ministry. Author of three books with two more in development. Published many articles regarding Bible studies and Christian Living.


While we have each, previously attended various denominational and non-denominational organizations, including house churches, we are not affiliated with any denominational organization.


B.A. in Theology with emphasis on Church history and comparative theology. Over 40 years of independent, post-grad study and research at Baylor, Univ. of Houston, Rice, Texas A&M College Station, Univ. of Texas Austin, .

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2016-05-20 Christian Church:

Greetings Sterling,    Thank you for your question. Always happy to help.    You are correct, there is no Biblical bases for modern church buildings or man made religions.    The first tabernacle mentioned

2013-04-19 Gen 19:

Hi Dan,    You asked whether Gen. 19 shows that spirit beings "can have human bodies."  You also made reference to a previous question.    Gen. 19 shows that the Lord and his angels can take on the physical

2013-04-13 Enoch and Isaiah:

Hi Dan,    The Book of Enoch, along with all the other works of pseudepigrapha (Definition: Spurious writings, especially writings falsely attributed to biblical characters or times.), share some common

2013-04-09 Joshua vrs Revelation:

Hi Dan,     You asked about Peter's comment on Paul's writings, in view of Christ's comment about living by every word that the Father speaks.    If we take this in order of authority:    1. There is no

2013-04-06 Joshua vrs Revelation:

Hi Dan,    You asked about a similarity or correlation between Josh 5-8 (Joshua leading Israel into the promised land) and Rev. 1-3, and 19:11 (the messages to the seven churches, and the Lord's return


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