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I have knowledge of various writings of: the Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene fathers. The history of the Bible`s origin. The original language of the New Testament. The history of the Old Testament and the changes in the church in the New Testament.

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I am a college and seminary graduate( BA., BTh. MDiv.)who studied the history of Christianity during the eight years of study in those institutions as well as study in order to teach and write courses on church history.

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Leah06/18/13101010Wow, excellent answer. You have an extreme .....
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2013-06-16 bible language:

Leah,    Both the Hebrew and the Aramaic languages are Semitic (descendents of Shem)languages. Hebrew is one of the the oldest known languages and most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. The Old

2012-12-07 help understanding:

Teg,    In your second paragraph you reveal that you do know what God is like.  He is "good" and even more than good.  Then later you get to the real crux of what is bothering you now: " And this image

2012-02-21 crusifiction:

The NT Greek uses the word: stauron.  It's basic meaning is simply a stake but it is also used for a cross as we know it.   The evidence is rather compelling to believe that Jesus died nailed to a cross

2012-02-21 Truth:

Holly,    Yes, there is one religion which has existed since Adam and Eve which represents the true God.    And yes, organized religion has not done well in keeping its eyes on the God who created us.

2011-12-07 gates:

Denise,    No, at this time Jesus was not talking about a named gate.  He was talking about a choice in our lives when we decide to walk with Him.     The King James Version of the Bible uses the word


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