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Questions about construction of stained glass using copper foil or lead. Repair, designing a pattern, how I go about helping my customers achieve their goals.

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I've been doing stained glass for about 35 years. Teach stained glass in my studio and at the local University (UTA Eontinuing Edu)for over 25 years.


Many art related organizations, and several business organization Ecademy, RYZE, LINKEDIN.


Many trade magazine and have published several art/craft instrucitonal books.


Some formal college, but no degree. I just took classes that I thought would help me through life and did not work toward a degree.

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Jay05/13/161010I think having a frame made to .....
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Recent Answers from lyn buerger

2016-05-13 construction and reinforcement:

I will try to answer as best I can.  1)   Morton strongline  is exactly what I am using but my source is generic. But I am pleased that Morton has it in their product line. In the past it was very had

2016-05-12 construction and reinforcement:

Great task you have ahead of you, Jay.      My thoughts    By it nature copper foil is stronger than lead. That is why Mr. Tiffany invented the method.      1) The piece can be strengthen internal with

2016-02-11 project question:

Dianne  Thanks for the great question. It is always best to consider conditions when displaying stained glass.  Glass has a molecular reaction to abrupt changes in temperatures.( as in soldering with a

2015-02-08 leaded glass window:

Good for you. I love re-using older items in interesting ways.  But glass looks better with light passing through it.    A lot of people would clean the wood with a steel brush and not try to remove all

2014-08-12 size of copper foil project:

Well Karen...  There are limitations on everything.  Some times it is just using best judgement.      If a piece is extremely large you might consider doing the pattern in separate panels but continue


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