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Traditional and innovative techniques for kiln-fired painting on glass, for example, questions concerning firing schedules, how to mix paint, tools & equipment, media, techniques for applying paint, and so forth. I can do other areas but I think you are covered.

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I'm a director of the Williams & Byrne stained glass studio in the UK, specialising in design and painting on glass. We are also an accredited conservation studio (by assessment, not payment!). Please see We're writing a downloadable book on the techniques of glass painting. Please see


MA (HONS) in philosophy from Saint Andrew's University (Scotland), D.Phil (ie. a doctorate) from University College, Oxford University.

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Architects, designers, churches, private clients

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Recent Answers from Stephen Byrne

2015-01-29 Stained Glass for Outdoors:

Factors to consider are weather and also health & safety. Since you're in the US and this is for a public place, I suspect you must eliminate lead from all substances. You could consider fusing, and/or

2010-11-12 Kiln temperature and firing time:

Hello George, I am sorry but I haven't used "Glassline". All I can say is that, for painted stained glass, it is rare for the top temperature to go higher than 1250 F. (Yes, some enamels go a little higher

2010-03-12 construction of light box:

Hello Laura,  You ask about using an old shower door.  It's important that you establish whether or not this particular shower door is strong enough and fit-for-purpose.  And also please consider this:

2010-02-18 Cutting paterns:

Hello Sandy, I can tell you something that may be useful, but (1) we ourselves paint on glass rather than do copper-foil, and (2) cutting techniques here in the United Kingdom are not the same as in the

2010-01-23 kiln fired paints:

Hello Larry, Thanks for your question. We all need to be clear that there isn't a "formula" as such. It's not that scientific. The basic idea is that you mix Reusche glass paint with your chosen medium


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