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I can answer questions about glass fusing and slumping. Visit my site at for more information on this sizzling craft.

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I currently have an internet page on glass fusing and slumping techniques and procedures. I have individuals write and ask questions about the procedures involved.


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Recent Answers from Connie Brown

2010-12-12 fusing with float glass:

The problem with float glass is the unknown COE and temperatures for that particular glass.  Unfortunately with this type of glass, it is trial and error to find out what will work.    You could try holding

2010-12-11 fusing with float glass:

Are all of the glass pieces cut from the same piece of glass?  If they are, try putting a few scrap of the glass around the edges to allow trapped are to escape and to help keep the edges even.  Since

2009-07-08 fusing 12 inch diameter glass:

Hi Denise...    There are several reasons glass will crack when fusing.  It sounds like you are exposing the glass to cool air on your firing up process.  I would not vent the kiln.  Keep the ramp temperature

2009-02-27 glass fusing:

You would need to test these various glasses to find out which ones are compatible.  Just because they fuse together in the kiln doesn't mean that your project was successful.  The only way to find out

2008-11-27 sluming and fusing with a torch:

You will need to be sure that the metal and glass are both hot at the time of doing using the torch.  Any type of glass can be used, but if you are going to mix your glass then you need to be sure that


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