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I can answer VB Script questions which are related to Visual Basic / VBA / QTP Scripts.

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Sudha08/10/16101010thank you for helping me.
Matthew Wai10/21/13101010Thanks
Matthew Wai10/21/13101010Thanks.
Sophie10/03/13101010thanks, i shall do that.

Recent Answers from Subbu

2016-08-02 VBA for date:

Hi Sudha,    Sorry for delay.  I used DateAdd method and passed -6 days to achieve your objective.  You can try below code and it should work as you expected.    <сode>    MsgBox "GPT & DDV Website

2015-01-22 Lookup:

Hi Maya,    You can use VLOOKUP to get 2nd table component related participant without creating any function or relation.  I just come up with below example for your reference.    <code>  A        B  

2015-01-22 Import from Excel to Access 2010:

There are multiple ways to import excel data into Access table.  You can do this using Excel VBA or by using Access forms code.  Here is excel VBA example:    You can try with below code, please ensure

2015-01-16 Running a "script" ??:

Hi Joseph,    My appolgies for late reply.  Usually I used to receive a notification when I have any question in my inbox but unfortunately it is not triggered since 2 months.    Anyhow, I have gone through

2013-10-21 How to make words bigger in VB Script?:

Matthew,    There is no direct way to change Font or content of built-in method of MsgBox in VB Script but you can write your own wrapper to get your changes on customized MsgBox.      Here is the code:


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