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Need help with tire questions? I am trained by Michelin and have worked in a tire department for years, and served as the supervisor. I will answer only basic information or request. I can help you understand some tire questions on buying or just to understand tires. I may or may not answer questions about trouble or problems with tires, do to the fact that it is hard to say what is wrong with a tire without looking at the tire. Questions about tire sizes fitting your car are limited, up to 1998 at this time. All other tire questions, year does not matter.

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1- Trained by Michelin. 2-Work in a tire department. 3-Supervisor of a tire department.


1-High school. 2-trained by Michelin. 3-Supervisor of a tire department.

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Jacques02/09/09Horrible answer!
j09/04/08101010Am on my way to locate both .....
j09/04/08101010John, What a time saver your reply .....
tim08/31/08101010Doing , not sure i want another Michelin .....

Recent Answers from John

2016-01-28 Tire width:

No!  If you were limiting your driving and using it as a spare, you would be ok until you got the correct tire.  But that's not the case here from what you told me.  This is very dangerous.  This will

2008-08-21 Tire Noise -2008 Mazda Tribute:

It can be a lot of things.    It can be from not having the right PSI to out of balance to out of round tire or cup tire.    It is hard to say without seeing the tire.    You need to have a tire shop look

2008-08-18 tires:

Ok, this is why we do NOT ever buy tires from Wal-Mart or even Sams club.  Also this is another reason why not do buy Goodyear tires.    I recommend Michelin, uniroyal or BFGoodrich.    Ok to the question

2008-05-30 Fix A Flat:

This is NO question here.    I give the facts that I stand behind.    Toyo is a cheap worthless tire.    John    P.S.-   "The addition of a substance to the tire, either fix a flat or armor all  would

2008-05-28 Fix A Flat:

You know Jacques, I really love when people like you ask me questions like this.  I really love how you come on thinking you know everything, but the sad fact is, you are wrong.    So without delay or


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