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Domestic and major international airline and airline ticket expert. I can answer questions about routes, fares, aircraft, meals, hubs, tariff rules, schedules, children/seniors, and bumping. Can not quote prices or recommend specific companies to buy tickets from. I will try to answer misc. travel questions, since that's the category I'm stuck in, but it'll be mostly just my opinion!

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I've traveled on over 22 airlines to 45 international destinations around the world on 5 continents and 40 U.S. states. I'm a senior manager with a $600 million travel agency. I'm a 1997 graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a two degrees, including a BA in Travel/Tourism management.

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2011-05-20 Road Trip Across the US:

What an interesting question!  I am not an expert on such matters, but I'm willing to estimate things according to my opinion.    365 days of decent quality food, assuming some free meals and some grocery

2011-02-01 To Go Or Not To Go...That is the Question :):

Take the refund.  When things settle down over there, you will be able to rebook your trip for a lower cost because it will take years for the demand to return.  If you are looking for something exotic

2010-12-10 Travel spots website:

Hi,    I like Tripadvisor.com, lonelyplanet.com, and flyertalk.com.  Also, you should look for a book named '100 Places to See Before You Die.'    You can email me at u28rt59@hotmail.com if you have specific

2009-08-24 emigration:

Citizens of India residing in India have to apply for a visa to Thailand in person at the nearest consulate of Thailand in India. Please note that the application procedures and fees may vary depending

2009-03-15 How to go with air from Heidelberg to Lourdes:

This is a very tough question!  It is not possible to easily fly between Heidelberg and Lourdes.  I recommend a short 45 minute nonstop train ride from Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport, then a 100 minute


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