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I can answer virtually any question about Weird Al Yankovic, but I would be most helpful in questions relating to his songwriting, lyrics, or information about his songs. But I could also answer questions about his early life, his albums, his music videos, his band, his concerts, pretty much anything.

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I've been a fan of Weird Al for about 7 years.

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2014-07-17 royalties again:

Interesting! Well, this is more a legal question than a Weird Al question, but I do happen to also be a law student. Nonetheless, the case between Marvin Gaye's estate and Thicke ended according to a settlement

2010-04-25 Music Video's:

This question is pretty irrelevant to the topic of Weird Al Yankovic, and I should by no means be considered an expert on this topic because I don't watch enough music videos to know which genres or time

2007-10-18 Is Al or was he ever Jewish? Is he a Christian.?:

I unfortunately do not know a whole lot else about Weird Al's religion. While he has identified himself as a Christian before, he has never spoken in depth about his religious background as far as I know

2007-08-02 Angry White Boy Polka:

Sure! Here are the lyrics to the Angry White Boy Polka, complete with what song each verse is from:    [Papa Roach - "Last Resort"]    Cut my life into pieces  This is my last resort  Suffocation, no breathing

2006-07-29 new albums:

There is another new one! The brand new Weird Al Yankovic album is called Straight Outta Lynwood and comes out September 26th of this year. Personally, I am very excited.    They haven't released an official


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