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I can answer questions about swarming honeybees and hive removal. I do not kill the bees but remove them alive to a safe place. and my new site at

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I've been working with bees for 20 years.


Unfortunately there is no licensing for honeybees.

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Recent Answers from Geoff Kipps-Bolton

2012-04-21 Random attacks.:

Hi Tim    I'm not sure the spraying had anything to do with the 'attacks'. The temperament of a hive does change over time. It's affected by the weather, time of year, strength of the hive, queenlessness

2011-09-16 Bumble bee nest relocation:

Hi Ernest    I think you might be able to gather up the nest, put it into a suitable wooden or cardboard box and take it outside.    However I think if you leave it where it is the problem will resolve

2011-09-14 Bee Hive materials:

Hi Jayson    I'm sorry to say I'm not aware of any materials which bees reject. I remove bees from many different places, plastic valve boxes, wooden boxes, inside stucco walls. I would find it very hard

2011-08-10 Hovering:

It sounds as though there might be a swarm nearby which is sending out scout bees looking for their new location. If the bees are actually going inside the house I would recommend that you block the holes

2011-07-14 Small honeybee hive in backyard storage container:

The hive will probably increase in size, although not so much that it will fill the box completely. I would suggest that you, or someone you hire, should move this colony into a regular hive box so that


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