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I can answer any questions about bee Removal from buildings, trees, etc. If you need advice about bee swarms, bee trapping, honeycomb removal, or honey bee relocation, feel free to ask us. You can visit our site to view the pictures of many of the jobs that we have done Bee removal in Sacramento. If you need any advice on a step by step process, I will be happy to provide the details.

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Licensed with SPCB for over 12 years with Honey Bee Removal experience for more than 10.


PhD from Regent University

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2010-08-22 Bee Deterrent:

Apparently, there is a bee hive close to your home that has already tagged your hummingbird feeders as a food source. You can find out where the hive is coming from, which will take a few hours to determine

2010-03-31 Bee Removal:

I would not suggest doing it yourself. There are only two options:    (a) extermination - this is not the best option because the hive will have honey in it and when the heat comes during the summer, the

2009-11-15 wild bees:

You cannot harvest honey from that box. To harvest honey, you will have to transfer it to a honey bee hive. The reason is that it will only contain enough honey for the bees survival. Also, if it was large

2009-11-05 Need Bee Removal:

Beekeeper or Bee Removalists do not do this type of work for free. It usually takes about 3-5 hours to remove. It would be easier for them to just buy bees for $65. But I would definitely recommend saving

2009-10-07 smell bees don't like:

Actually he did not remove the honey and wax. That would be why they are returning. It is not a good thing to kill them if they do not remove the wax and honey. This time in the U.S., there is probably


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