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Questions about Icken Trains ( Fred Icken). Also about electrical workings and problems with electro mechanical pinball machines. Charles

Experience in the area

Collected pinball machines for 30 + years and do all work myself. Own a collection of Icken trains. Also many Lionel and American Flyer utems.


I subscribe to Clasic Toy Trains and am a charter subscriber.


Electical/electronics training, U.S. NAVY. BBA 1970 University of Oklahoma.

Past/Present Clients

I do not sell any trains only collect so I do no have train clents. I have in the past sold many old electro-mechanical pinball machines and there have been many customers who have alled me back years later to get one fixed. This is an art that you don't find much any more and the commercial shops charge too much to get a machine fixed. I just try to keep them fixed so that they don't disapear ore are discarded.

What do you like about this subject?

I love trains, all sizes, all types steam and diesel; even toy wind up trains

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Any other information about Icken Trains or Fred Icken which could be supplied by users wuld be very benficial in reconstructing a sort of history about Icken Trains.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Some may not know that before Icken Model Trains there was a name of Icken-Barker which appeared for a short time before the Fred Iken company name was used. Also in the pinball feild I have many original schematics of the machines and also have many used parts to keep thim alive.

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Prashant S Akerkar08/19/15101010Dear Charles Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....
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2016-03-11 Motorman Train Driving Licence.:

Hi again Preshant.    This questions is out of my area.  Your are speaking about real trains, not models.    I am not famliar about these regulations but it seems reasonable that a license would be  required

2015-11-18 Zebra crossing for railroads.:

No I do not think that a significant benefit would be attained.  One reason is that some drivers are color blind.  Maybe just painting the white stripes with reflective paint would improve night awareness

2015-08-14 Tunnel Shapes.:

Greetings Prashant,    Although I do not have training in the engineering designs of tunnels, I have read some about the strength of various shapes for arches.    I rule out the square and rectangle because

2015-04-27 Won't run in reverse:

Frank you have added some inforfmation that I haave not considered.  That is the binding possibility of the armature.  When a motor turns in one direction the armature tends to shift within it's mounting

2015-04-22 Won't run in reverse:

Hello Frank, Thanks for the question.    I think you are safe about the armature, it is NOT toast.  I asume we are talking about a 625 Lehigh Valley 44 ton switcher circa 1957-1958.  If so the unit has


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