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I can not answer questions on motors, or mechanical problems. I have expertise in marine paints and coatings including Antifouling, non-stick, Teflon, epoxy, urethane, high build skid resistant finishes and primers.

Experience in the area

A well published principal of Durall Marine Products, a company with more than 40 years experience in developing special flow-coatings for industrial and consumers. Products developed are for Sailboats, Power Boats, and Ships. See for online information about Durall and its products. Family history includes Sir Francis Chichester single handing around the globe. Admiral Edward Chichester, Superintendent of the British Navy. Rosalie Amelia Chichester, a female yachtsmen flourishing in the Victorian Age. John Chichester, made a fortune in the privateer business and captured a ship with 1200 lb. of gold off the coast of Ghana. Admiral John Chichester helped to defeat the Spanish Armada in 1588 aboard the HMS Larkey.


St. Croix Sailing Club. Coast Guard Auxiliary Vice Commander


Sindicated in most on line Article source sites.


MBA, BSB, BA University of Minnesota

Awards and Honors

Sailing trophys for Ranger 23 Tall Rig. AUXOP, Boat Crew, Coxswain ratings for Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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Recent Answers from Harvey Chichester

2014-02-15 Does boyuancy increase?:

Your buoyancy comes from the water your boat displaces. About 68 lb. per sq. ft.  Because the inflatable is inside the boat you don't gain buoyancy.  If you strap it to the died like the river rafters

2012-06-22 bottom paint:

Some types of ablative paints dry out when not in the water.  If you are going to repaint taking it out should not be a problem.  As for the Barnacles, they are hard to get off if dad or alive.  Often

2012-04-10 Boating:

I have not heard this recommendation before but your top speed with out plaining will be between 1.28 and 1.35 times the square route of your water length.  Because a wider beam is more stable it has an

2012-03-17 Questions re Bottom Paint:

The product is copper color as the grains of copper protrude though the Teflon to keep growth away.  The copper will oxidize over time and become darker.  We ship UPS and there is not danger of freezing

2011-02-11 Bottom painting license:

If you are using antifouling paint some states consider that a pesticide and have licensing requirements.  You may want to check with your state department that oversees pesticides.  If you use a Teflon


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