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I know a lot about the Chicks because I have read a lot about them. I can give you lyrics, biographies, news and anything else you need! I can`t answer private questions.

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I created my own webpage on them! I also have read tons on them and learned alot.

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2000-2001 Webmasters Award,2001-2002 Webmaster's Award, 2202-2003 Webmaster's Award, Fansite Award for 3 place on best group site.

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The Dixie Chicks are an awesome group! Their music outshines some of the other groups today. They show they can be pretty but talented and they write their own music!

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I hope I can answer your question! I'll do my best!

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I have my own website on them! http://allday.at/dixiestdio

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Recent Answers from Tessa

2008-08-20 dixie chicks:

Hello! Thanks for your question. The song Bitter End has alot to do with the controversy that happened after the Bush comment by Dixie Chick Natalie Maines. The words ring of bitterness towards lost fans

2007-10-09 dixie chicks:

"It would take an acrobat, but I've already tried all that."    I believe the line is referring to something that will never happen. An acrobat can do amazing things, but the woman has already tried to

2007-09-30 do the dixie chicks write their own music?:

Yes a few! They also do a lot of co-writing. For instance-You were Mine was written by Emily and Martie and was about their parents divorce. I Believe In Love was written by Martie and Emily and Marty

2007-04-20 dixie chicks lyrics:

Here's a transcript from an interview..hope it helps!    Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) (written by by Radney Foster)    NATALIE: Radney wrote that song for his son. His wife was moving his three-year-old son

2006-09-21 Im Not Ready To Make Nice:

The new single, "Not Ready to Make Nice" is a song they wrote about the boycotts and such they got when Natalie spoke out about the president. They are "not ready to make nice" with the country music industry


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