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Traffic collision reconstructionist with 19 years of traffic collision investigation experience as an LAPD officer. I can answer questions about traffic collisions with vehicles, motorcycles, pedistrians, bicycles, and commercial vehicles. Especially cases of low speed collisions and injury potential. I can answer questions about the vehicle code (specific for Ca and in general for other states) but I am not a driving instructor nor a vehicle mechanic. You need to talk to someone else about these issues.

Experience in the area

19 years traffic collision investigations. 17 years as traffic collision reconstructionist for the city of Los Angeles and outside consultation. Court qualified in criminal and civil cases. ACTAR #519.


Accredidation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists Southwest Association of Technical Accident Investigators
Society Of Accident Reconstructionists
Society of Automotive Engineers
California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists


B.S. in Psychology Western Illinois University (math amjor-physics minor first two years), Now attending Chaffey college taking Calculus 3 and Chemistry working for Engineering degree

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You are correct but these days the DMV manuals say leave approximately 2 seconds between you and the car in front of you.  Tailgating is a big problem but it is best to let the other guy do it and maintain

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I do not know of any rule that dictates the seated position of the train operator.  There are spots on either side of the engine and I would only speculate that the operator is usually in the seat that


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