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I can answer any questions from the development of an idea into a book manuscript, electronic book, PDF file, or Audio book. I design book covers, do interior design, and light book editing. My forte is creative ideas particularly as they relate to marketing and promoting your book.

Experience in the area

My first book "Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents & Athletes" was traditionally published in 1992 by Masters Press and is now available through McGraw-Hill. My second book, now as an independent publisher, was a "Quick Pick for Young Readers" by the American Library Association. Since then I have 44 book products for sale through my own web site and many of the major online book stores like


Publisher's Marketing Association Florida Writer's Association Florida Publisher's Association National Writer's Union (former member) USA Gymnastics - Professional Member


I attended Temple University and Vermont College of Norwich University where I received a Bachelor's degree in Writing and Literature.

What do you like about this subject?

Writing is crystallized thought. The best part of writing is in the initial drafts when you can explore several avenues of thoughts and ideas. It is only when you define the book that you must make decisions that cut off the "potentials" or creative flow. You stop being the writer/creator and become the editor/producer.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

A new twist of phrase. A different way of looking at the world. Magical metaphors. Surprising similes. Experience the world through another set of eyes.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Writing the book is the fun part. Getting (self) published or published via Print-On-Demand is the easy part. Marketing and selling the book is where the real effort begins.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Most people who buy a book never get past Chapter One!

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Dear Vps,    You wrote, "should I care about getting published before writing the book or first complete the book itself?"    Why worry about publishing if you have no book to submit? Write the book, then

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Hello Demetrius.    The cover is intriguing.    I assume it is about murder because of the knife.    I also assume it is about trophy wives.    I think the subtitle should be right under the title.   

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Hi Bobby,    The answer to this is actually more detailed than I have time or space for in this reply.    My first suggestion is that you google "crowdfunding." It will likely come up with sites like Kickstarter


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