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I can answer logistical questions concerning the clinical research process. I understand the process of study acquisition, contract and budget negotiation, regulatory, advertising, patient accrual, and data management

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We work with the pharmaceutical industry, and have had contracts with more than 100 pharmaceutical companies.

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I have been in this field since 1996, and I take great pride in sharing my experiences and being able to help people participate in the wonderful world of clinical research, where we bring America tomorrow's medications today.

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2016-06-04 opioid consumption:

All opioids painkillers are prescribed legally.  (unless they are stolen from a pharmaceutical company or pharmacy).    After they are prescribed, patients do either consume them legitimately, recreationally

2011-07-06 Micro-Biology (Bacteria and Disease):

The veterinarian caught the plague from fleas while working with animals.  Had he been dispensed a more modern antibiotic upon admission, he might have lived.  Why would penicillin be a first line treatment

2011-02-18 Biochemistry Major:

The job market right now, isn't great in any company.  Pharmaceutical companies are tightening their financial belts.  You should still pursue your major and then continue to achieve a Doctorate.  While

2011-02-05 hello;:

Not what you want to hear, but: write it all down (or print your message to me).  Then, go to your Doctor, or a free clinic Doctor, or better yet, the local Health Department.  It is not possible to diagnose

2010-03-25 Cure:

If you read your question again, you'll see you didn't specify what you want to cure.  But, you said you are an asthmatic, so i assume it is asthma.  So, I'll address that.  Unfortunately, the exact cause


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