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I can answer all questions concerning Leonardo DiCaprio (movies, pre-career, personal life). Ask and you will find the answer.

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2010-07-31 info?:

I am so sorry for the late reply, i just checked the website after long time, and I didn't know that my account is still available.    I have been a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio since 1994, and all the

2009-08-28 A future movie...?:

Hi,    As much as i would like to see a sequel or a prequel to Titanic, sadly there is nothing going on about a part two for titanic. I am sure this youtube video is just a fanmade video.     But who knows

2008-03-27 ledordo dicapiro:

Hi Kara,    I think your dad is wrong, as a big fan of Leo, and someone who watched all his interviews since Basketball Diaries was released, he never said that he was gay. Also he has been romanticly

2008-01-04 Leonardo Dicaprio is gay?:

Hi Jake,    I dont know which site you have visited and so i cant tell you anything about the photo, but nowadays anything is possible to fix on photoshop, so the photo can be simply fake. I mean if he

2007-03-18 Romeo and juliet:

Hi Andrea,    Romeo + Juliet is the story about how Romeo + Juliet met, fell in love, and how they sacrificed their life for each other.    Yes it was written by William Shakespeare.    How he came up


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