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All construction related, remodeling related, home improvement related, do it yourself related, and generally generic or specific trades related and construction contract law related questions.

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John 08/26/10101010Thanks for the info.
chris10/19/091010I am having some difficulty understanding answer .....

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2013-03-07 steam:

Ok, now I understand a bit better,  You are attempting to separate the Hydrogen from Oxygen.   The hydrogen will expand considerably above the boiling/separation point.   If you start with a vacuum, Not

2013-03-07 steam:

You have not added any volume, there fore there is no noticeable increase in pressure, other than the expansion of air.   

2012-01-03 House Wiring:

It is the same coding, it is just alot harder to work with.  Its your time, so it only matters to you.  It is NOT exterior wiring, it is UNDER ground Feeder wire.  UF  Heavy rubber jacket   I will assume

2011-11-29 electrical.:

If I can make sense out of this, your well pump is 220/240 volts.  That means you do not need a neutral to run also means you may NOT have a neutral in this location.  If this is the case, you

2011-02-23 crawl space ventilation:

There is unavoidable moisture in the earth below.  This allows air movement to prevent a build up of moisture that could affect the wooden structure.  You can reduce the amount of air flow in the winter


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