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I can answer any questions relating to medical billing. This includes people who want to do this as a career at home or who want to work in a medical office

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I have over 50 years in this industry and the majority of my career has been in education for medical billers and physicians.


Executive Director NEBA, a medical billing organization


Book on medical billing and one on HIPAA with Pearson Eduction


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2012-04-10 lost records:

Medical records must be held for 6 years or longer depending if your state has more stringent laws. The 6 years is a Federal law. I would suggest that you send your doctor a certified letter referring

2010-11-29 Medical Billing Diagnosis Code:

Sorry, but you will not get this covered. Unless this was a direct referral from a physician that was in the network for outside treatment, you will not get this paid.   Most policies will not cover bio

2010-02-12 Student Insurance Coverage:

Yes, they can drop you according to their contract. Most dependents are not covered after graduation from college. They do not have to offer you their insurance subsequently. I suggest that you talk to

2008-11-14 cost of surgery:

You are absolutely correct. The first procedure is charged at 100%, the second at $50 and the third and subsequent is usually at 25%. If you have insurance, they will reduce the payment. Are you in a PPO

2008-11-10 Unauthorized entries?:

First of all, I would call your cc company and dispute the charges on your cc. I would also send a copy of the letter that you sent the cc company to the doctor. The doctor may be totally unaware of what


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