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Expertise in Transportation Solution Development, Pricing issues, Bid process, Negotiations, Development of Costing and Pricing information systems.

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30 Years in Transportation Industry. Major Multi-site shipper, Consultant, Major National LTL Carrier, Regional TL, 3PL, Dedicated Trucking


Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Roundtable Officer.


BA Marketing

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Always a challenge, Different every day.

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Anca05/02/16101010Thank you very much!
Claude10/29/15101010I will keep you informed
Pradeep07/01/10101010Thanks Jim for your reply.

Recent Answers from Jim Bowers

2016-04-29 reduction of packaging materials:

Anca, there are several issues to consider.  Can you save money by buying less total packaging.How much is enough to protect the product without over packaging.  What can be done to reduce the size of

2016-01-06 Pricing:

Claude, it looks like the currency exchange is the source of the problem.  If I recall your raw material is sourced in South America?  Your product may be handled through too many currency conversions

2015-10-29 Reducing the supply chain:

Claude, you are asking the right questions.  If you can cut out a middleman the cost could go down, but you need to run the numbers.  I don't see any problem with you contacting the wholesaler in Toronto:

2012-01-05 Brokerage Question:

Andrew, you will hear different opinions on this question. A strict interpretation of federal law says you need to be licensed as a broker any time you "arrange transportation services".  Some feel that

2010-11-17 Outsourcing logistics operations:

That's a really good question Phil.  I can only guess what motivates different management decisions but I think it goes to the basic management philosophy of each companies leadership.  Some managers just


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