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The processing/refining of precious metals including chalcogenic ores like tellurides and selenides.

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32 years experience in ore assaying and refining. Presently head chemist and chief refiner of a Philippine metals company.


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Doctor of Geochemical Research

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Recent Answers from Christopher Poe

2015-04-18 use of gas:

90% He, 7-1/2% Argon, 2-1/2% CO2.  CO2 alone will cause a weak weld and some nickel will vaporize as nickel carbonyl.  You asked for the best? This is it.  Keep the welder on DC with the electrode feed

2015-04-17 use of gas:

No, Nickel can vaporize partially as oxygen is depleted. Try Argon instead.  Doctor Poe

2015-03-28 Lead alloy:

Dumi, you might be screwing up! 1st of all reducing nickel from these is beyond profit. 2nd if you are working the nickel babbitt bars from the Japanese 2nd world war, a lot of them are not what they seem

2015-03-27 Lead alloy:

Lead is refined in a pot. An air compressor pumps air into the molten mass of raw lead using either a ceramic tube or one made of steel (the steel one is corroded and must be extra long, like a automobile

2014-04-30 Electrodeposition of Gold Sodium Thiosulfate:

The rise in pH is normal and can be controlled with diluted sulfuric acid or even muriatic acid (HCl). But this also indicates that gold sulfide is dropping off the anode along with free sulfur.  Agitation


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