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Simply put, I help Retailers make more profit! You will NOT hear me talk about excessive stock control mechanisms, specialized POS software, or sales training. Instead, I am available to answer questions relating to retail fundamentals - the art of buying and selling - and making a healthy profit along the way. Areas of specialty include: - CASHFLOW - how to keep your business in the black (or get it out of the red!) - PRICING - strategies, margin, mark-up, wholesale to retail, etc. - PRODUCTS - what to buy, what to avoid. - PRESENTATION - the science of product placement! - SALES - how to grow these fast, and keep the cash register ringing. - AGED STOCK - a silent profit killer! How to manage this area of your business - SUPPLIERS - leveraging these relationships so you get more from them! - MARGIN EROSION - and how to prevent it. If you have any general or specialized retail issue, I am happy to help you out. Also happy to talk to manufacturer/wholesalers who are looking for advice on breaking their products into the retail market. Follow me on Twitter @retailguru, or check out my blog for other useful advice (free!)

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15 years experience in the Retail industry - unlike many experts, I have made my money from my own retail ventures, not from selling my advice! Over ten years of my retail life was as a troubleshooter - my job was to fix the messes! I have worked with a huge variety of retailers to turn their struggling businesses around, and have found there are a number of principles that apply to all types of retail businesses, from luxury boutiques through to 2nd hand stores. I own a successful retail business in New Zealand, which has recently been franchised. My success comes in retail from the same strategies I am happy to share with you. I am also the author of The Retail Prosperity System - a handbook for Retailers who want to make more money from their retail businesses. This outlines the strategies I have developed and used in retail myself.


A number of Retail Associations, including NZRA, BNI (you would be amazed how networking can improve your revenues!), EMA, New Zealand Franchise Association


Author of The Retail Prosperity System, various forums and blogs, including


Studied Law at Otago University, and let's be honest - nothing beats 15 years real experience in the retail world, including building my own successful retail chain from scratch!

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New Zealand TOP SHOP finalist 2010

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Recent Answers from Stu Jordan

2015-01-02 IN THE RED!:

Thanks for the question.    Firstly, I recommend you study "cashflow management and budgeting" - this will ensure you do not over-invest in stock.     You basically need to move your existing stock at

2014-04-04 Looking to break my product into the bridal retail market:

Hi Martine,    Sorry for the delay, I didn't get the original notification of your question. If you are apporaching high end boutiques, you need to provide them a sample, and talk through what price they

2011-07-11 starting a bridal boutique retail store:

Hello again,    With regard to your circular issue, this is relatively simple to sort.    Start with the designers.  You should give them information about potential location, and the level of fit out

2011-07-07 starting a bridal boutique retail store:

Hello,    It sounds like you are really putting a lot of effort into this!  I recently worked with a bridal place and helped them expand their business significantly so here is some advice I can offer

2011-01-06 European souvenir shops:

Hi Kathryn,    The easiest way is to work city by city.  Pick a city you wish to start in, then go to google, and type "souvenir shop" +city  (chnage city to the actual city name, but leave the + mark)


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