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Anything you want to know about visiting or establishing residence in Panama. Try me for any travel related questions as well.

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Living in Panama City and knowing about travel industry.


College Degree in Business Administration. (USA Educated).

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Maria08/09/16101010Jack, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I will .....
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Gordon06/25/14101010Thanks, your help is much appreciated

Recent Answers from Jack Silvera

2016-08-08 Rental Car Insurance:

Hi Maria:  Each company has a different policy but it's true that rental car companies have a mandatory insurance in Panama.  You just have to check with them if they can give you any cheaper options if

2015-01-07 car rental:

Hi Jim:  You mean if you have your own insurance will you have to pay Panama insurance too?    My answer is most likely you will.  Almost all car rental companies here will charge a mandatory basic insurance

2014-06-11 pensionado visa change:

Hi Gordon:  Excuse that I didn't see your message until today.  You can surely use your Canadian passport to travel in and out of Panama.    The pensionado Visa can certainly be changed to your Canadian

2014-02-14 Panama canal north propertiesBrazos:

Onecifero:  No tengo nada que ver con ese asunto aunque se parezcan los nombres.  Antes de hacer acusaciones, cerciórese de tener las pruebas.      Este es un sitio de voluntarios operado por buenos panameños

2013-07-28 USA registered van sale:

Hello Harry:  I am not sure Panama would be a better place to sell your van.  Perhaps Costa Rica may be an attractive alternative if you plan to drive through that country on your way to Panama.  In Panama


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