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Questions about using customer data to inmprove online profitability, particularly in retailing. Topics include profiling customers using weblogs, figuring out which ads generate the highest value customers, how to reduce the numnber of 1x buyers, how to generate higher sales from current customers, customer analysis, ROI calculation, reducing discounts while increasing resaponse rates. Do you collect customer data (purchases, page views, surveys) and not really use it for anything? Want to find out how? Just ask.

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Cellular One, MBNA, SteelTorch Software, Retek Direct, CBS Sportsline, Kobie Marketing, Aerial, Tupperware, Barnes and Noble, Comcast Corporation, Home Shopping Network

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S. Mahabir04/19/13101010 

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2016-05-15 searches:

Digital analytics tools (like Google Analytics, which is free) can provide you much of this information.  If you are tracking purchases you can see how many of the buyers came from "Organic Search" and

2015-06-23 Internet Sales:

Congratulations on making it work with what you have done so far!  You seem to have a natural talent for this business.  Iím guessing your hesitation about the risk associated with going the

2013-08-24 Online Retail Markets & Marketing:

Not knowing anything about what you are selling, it's hard to make any specific comments.    But in general, eBay has the most traffic so the largest audience / more selling opportunities.  The downside

2012-09-23 started new business:

That's a very broad question that many books have been written about, search Amazon for:    "start online retail business"    and you will get a list.    Probably a good idea to being testing some of your

2012-09-03 Sales problem for ethnic store:

There's really not a lot if information to go on here, can you post links to a few of the products? does not get a lot of traffic compared to eBay or Etsy, just OK. gets very


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