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returns 12/31/2017

I run and have run web sites and I own my own business.

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Own my on business since 2007.


High School. Small business owner.

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marc05/13/08101010fast service response
Mike02/22/08101010Thanks again for your help John! Great .....
Mike02/16/08101010Thank you John, for your prompt reply! .....
Melissa01/16/08101010Thank you!

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2008-05-06 Markup:

Wholesale product cost should range from 1/3 to 1/2 of the retail cost.    So your numbers should be fine.    You are just over 40% mark-up over wholesale.  That is good.    E-mail me info, I may be interested

2008-01-15 Purchasing Wholesale:

Melissa,    Check these links out.  No require amount.    http://www.trendyblanks

2007-12-27 Inventory projections for a startup:

Hello,   If I understand the question correct, you are trying to figure out how much stock you should have on hand when you start so you can finish writing your plan.    That is hard to answer.  It really

2007-12-15 Finding a Wholesaler:

That can be hard.  What items are you looking to re-sell?  The only way I know is to look for.  Search wholesaler on google.  Now, I do sell wholesale myself.  I sell a lot of different products.  If you

2007-11-22 online shipping:

Hello,   You will need to find out if the country you plan on shipping to has a ban on the item or restriction.  Some have weird things.  Then you will have to deal with customs.    Now I do not know about


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