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Composite fabrication and testing, plug and mould design & build, surfacing materials, gelcoats, resins (epoxy, polyester, BMI, urethane) GRP, FRP, carbon, aircraft and marine composites, infusion techniques, Light RTM methodology, troubleshooting materials and process engineering.

Experience in the area

11 yrs experience with aeronautical, marine and bathroomware composites.


Royal New Zealand Air Force Advanced Composites Course BCA Victoria University, Wellington, 1995

Past/Present Clients

Aeronautical, marine and bathroom ware composite cmanufacturing.

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Recent Answers from andy mackay

2016-04-29 control of environment:

hi,  it is important to keep raw materials dry,, this includes resins, dry cloths, pre-pregs and cores.  Ideally resins and dry cloth are stored and used between 18-23 deg Celsius and below 50% relative

2015-12-15 High temperature properties of composites:

Hi Caesar,    I'm not familiar with ULTEM sorry but understand it is a thermoplastic PEI-type material.    Difference is believed due to different CTE's and load-bearing ability between fibre and matrix

2015-07-24 Military fabric and resin cups and plates:

I haven't seen these items myself, but imagine the mould is coated in resin first, then cord laid in, then a sealing later of resin added last for waterproofing...alternatively the items may have been

2015-04-04 tube with ultrathin walls:

Hi Edward,    0.1mm wall thickess is pretty slim all right!    This equates to a single layer of 300gm/sqm e-glass fabric in wall thickness.    In your case, I'd suggest making the tube with 2 layers of

2014-06-13 Recycled Polyester:

Hi,  there should be no volatile organic compounds in polyester pillow flock, but it is possible to be sensitive to the fibre cleaners or pillow casing itself.  I would suggest trying a pillow that states


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