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Questions that I can most easilierly respond to would have to do with transporations impact on air quality and in particuliar with electric vehicle technology. Areas of least expertise is general air quality monitoring. The area of industrial source impacts on air quality lie in between.

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Mike Eidson, LAc.10/23/05101010Thanks Harold, for the advice on air .....
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2008-09-29 car pollution:

Emissions from gasoline powered vehicles contribute to a host of air pollution concerns including global warming, airborne toxins and general health threatening air pollution (i.e. smog, fine particulate

2008-03-14 bag filter/ bag house:

The best (US) reference to address your question can be found at the USEPA website for exhaust emissions control technology. The web address for this resource (and related topics) is     http://www.epa

2008-03-11 1968 Triumph:

There is a lot of miss-information out there on the matter of using unleaded gasoline in an engine built back in the day of leaded fuel.    Generally the discussion has a focus on the fact that engine

2008-02-27 Eco air for the future?:

"Zero Waste" is more of a concept or philosophy of how to approach policies addressing wastes which society produces than a specific set of practices. The philosophy is that there should be no 'waste'

2008-02-27 Eco air for the future?:

Technologies of the future will address issues of (high) efficiency and sustainability; particularly energy sustainability and zero emissions technologies. I belive these concepts will permenate throughout


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