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I can answer questions on industrial practice, emissions, and impacts of air pollutants. I`m also good on regulatory and policy questions, but have an admitted anti-regulatory bias.

Experience in the area

I've been in consulting engineering for over 30 years.


Am. Inst. of Chemical Engineers., Water Environment Federation


Too many to list here. I'm currently writing an editorial piece for once monthly on industrial perspectives on pollution control.


BS & MS in Environmental Engineering, Instructor for Am. Inst. of Chemical Engineers

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Recent Answers from Dave Russell

2017-02-28 Follow up from rooftop question:

the the curvey shiny thing is a ventilator.  There is a cooling tower and a chimney.  Under the circumstances most of what comes out of those could be harmful if you are sensitive.  Think of living near

2013-01-11 Chrome-Plated Steel:

Chromium is a plating. It is generally applied to steel. Over time it will wear off and expose the steel underneath, which will rust in a wet environment like a refrigerator. Thing is that it will probably

2012-09-10 Granular Charcoal Bags:

There is some truth to both opinions. The problem is that it depends upon the carbon and the compound it is absorbing. Most of the odor causing compounds and a number of the toxic ones are volatile. The

2012-09-07 Granular Charcoal Bags:

Lindsay:  I don't believe that a charcoal air purifier would release enough ions to cause you harm. I admit that I'm not a health professional, so I really can't comment on the health risk, but negative

2012-08-29 Dry Cleaners:

Look at Section 2 Potential Health Effects under Inhalation;    Acute Effects  Eye: Direct contact may cause temporary redness and discomfort.  Skin: No significant irritation expected from a single short-term


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