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Jay Hofmann (Trinity Consultants, Inc.)


Industrial air quality issues with a focus on regulatory assessments, audits, evaluations and compliance. Industrial focus in oil, gas pipelines, power, refining, chemicals, pulp and paper, and cement industries.

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Several past and current clients in the chemical, oil refining, gas processing and pipeline, power, pulp and paper, and cement industries.

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2009-01-31 Coalescor and Separator:

I am not sure I know a detailed technical answer to your question.  However, I believe a coalescer is a specific type of separator which uses the physical properties of droplets (small droplets coalescing

2008-10-29 Unleaded vs leaded Gas:

There is no "pro" with leaded gas from an air quality perspective.  Lead in the air is highly detrimental to health particularly with small children.  For more than 25 years, refiners have been able to

2008-03-23 clean air:

The are many non-governmental organizations that attempt to pressure governments all over the world to clean up industrial air pollution.  Probably the best known in the US is the Sierra Club.  See www

2007-06-14 indoor exhaust fumes:

You can monitor your home for carbon monoxide inexpensively.  Buy a CO monitor at your local hardware store.  You can't smell CO, therefore, you are smelling something else.  Other pollutants, such as

2005-11-22 carbon monoxide:

You can buy relatively inexpensive monitors for both radon and carbon monoxide (CO).  The CO monitors run all of the time (like smoke detectors).  I believe you have a choice with radon monitors, such


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