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Recent Answers from Brad King

2017-01-25 phone only modem:

Mel, I am unfamiliar with Spectrum as a company, or if its a telephone or cable tv company. From quick research they seem to be a part of Charter. The only way I know of someone getting the wifi or wireless

2015-04-14 internet in a building that provides basic cable:

Josh, in my opinion the cable or coax that feeds your specific apt would have to be home run to the outside/basement of the bldg to main entrance of CATV service for this to work. If there is any splitting

2014-03-17 how to connect 2 different devices to the internet:

Melody,   Depending on model of switch you have the uplink port is just a regular port unless programed inside switch to do something different than a regular port or to connect another switch/router/modem

2014-03-13 how to connect 2 different devices to the internet:

Melody, I beleive you can easily resolve your problem with a Ethernet Desktop Switch, either four or eight port switch would work for you. You should be able to go with one cable directly from verizon

2014-01-21 modem/router:

Ed,  There are other wireless routers out there that may help you out. I would look into getting a wireless extender, which works thru your home electrical plugs. They are available at all electronic stores


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