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Phillip J. Boucher


I can answer any and all questions related to both the uses and the equipment of the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)and the Family Radio Service (FRS) in Canada.

Experience in the area

-Over thirty-seven years experience in radiocommunications both professionally and personally -Author of the book, "The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service" available from Cafepress.ca -Fresh On The Air columnist for Radio Amateurs of Canada's magazine, The Canadian Amateur -Amateur Radio Operator, callsign VE3BOC


-Radio Amateurs of Canada -Electronic Technicians Association International


-The Canadian Amateur magazine


-Senior Certified Electronics Technician -Certified Communications Technology Technician

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Cameron08/06/15101010I appreacate you taking the time to .....

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2016-04-15 Text message:

No it's not. There many different types of wireless communications and none of them are relavent to each other:  -satellite  -aircraft  -public service  -intelligence  -military  -remote control  -model

2016-04-14 Text message:

Sterling, sorry, but you have the wrong person. As per my posted profile, I provide expert information on Canada's General Mobile Radio Service. Phil

2015-08-04 CLEAN UP:

Cameron, although my profile states that I answer questions related to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service, so you are asking me a question not related to why I am on here, I will answer it for you.

2012-03-20 Radio receiver:

Tom, although this question has nothing to do with Canada's General Mobile Radio Service, I will answer it. Most office buildings contain an enormous amount of metal in the construction, and various other

2011-06-02 GPRS data transfer:

Yes, as per my profile posted on this site I only answer questions related to using the radios and service of the General Mobile Radio Service within the country of Canada. I am not an expert in, nor answer


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